Team Development

 “Not Finance.  Not Strategy. Not Technology.  It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

The challenge

When it comes to leadership teams, often the sum of the parts is far less than the whole. Teams can find themselves dividing and disengaging when they need to be setting direction and role modeling collaborative and inspiring leadership.

These are typical challenges:

  • Team Identity – is there a common sense of vision and purpose?
  • Conflict – is this managed constructively?  Or brushed under the carpet?
  • Energy – is the team leader and team inspired, motivated and passionate?
  • Learning – does team learn from successes and failures or is it stuck in a pattern of do, do, do?


Teams are most effective when they have clarity of purpose and are aligned on how to deliver. We achieved this through a solution focused 2 day workshop where we use a structured process of dialogue called the 5 Disciplines of Teams.  This aligns and re-energises the team.


The 5 Disciplines Process combined with group and individual coaching sessions to maintain momentum enables the team to:

  • Develop a jointly agreed vision and criteria for high-performing team.
  • Clariry roles and responsibilities.
  • Define stop, start, continue behaviors at individual and team level.
  • Achieve greater connection and communication between diverse team members.
  • Agree an action plan for sustaining a high performing team.

What are clients saying?

  • “tremendous positive impact on our team culture” 

    Unilever, Director
  • “thank you for helping us realize our potential”

    Ernst & Young, Senior Manager
  • “thank you for making the team process a huge success, great strides were achieved – and it was fun”

    Etisalat, HR Director